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Skin tags/polyps

  • Skin tags/ Skin polyp

Skin tags are soft, benign growths on the skin that look like bumps or stalks. They often occur on the neck, throat or under the armpits or breasts. Skin tags are often the same colour as your skin but they can also be darker. However, they are always lighter than moles. This makes it easy to tell the difference. Skin tags are a few millimeter large and 

you may have just one or a number of them. No one quite knows how skin tags develop but they could be the result of systemic health problems, genetic disposition, age, weight, hormones, friction or poor healing of wounds. Also, Skin tags are not contagious. They are not the result of an infection.

  • Treatment

Treatment of removing the skin tag, The following procedure is under the local anesthesia:.
Cryotherapy refers to the use of -196°C liquid nitrogen to spray over the abnormal skin tissues and trigger the freezing and damage of these tissues. When this process is completed, the damaged tissues will automatically fall off. But it usually takes several treatment sessions to cure.

Surgical excision (combined treatment)
Depends on your situation, surgeon can remove your skin tag using different methods After giving you a local anesthetic, those methods include:
1. Cutting them off with scissors
2. Using a laser to remove them (curettage laser), that use carbon dioxide laser to vaporize and destroys the skin tag.
3. Burning them off using electrocautery, a process that uses a low-voltage electrical probe

In most cases, you won’t need stitches after surgery.

*All surgical procedures are performed in the day procedure centre registered under Private Healthcare Facilities Register, Department of Health