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Ingrown toenail

  • What is ingrown toenail?

A splinter of nail piercing the side of the toe and digging into the flesh. The result is pain, redness, swelling and, sometimes, an infection. Ingrown toenails usually affect your big toe.

The cause of the Ingrown toe nail
 improperly trimmed toenails

cutting your toenails too short, or cutting the edges, will encourage the skin to fold over your nail and the nail to grow into the skin

 poorly fit (tight) footwear, such as high heel, narrow head shoes

 Injury, infection for example, stubbing your toe can sometimes cause an ingrown toenail to develop


Sign and symptoms
Pain, redness, and swelling. Even have local discharge. 

  • Treatment

Surgery: Wedge excision of affected nail and removal of inflamed adjacent skin fold.


Laser treatment: Remove (ablate) the edge of the nail growing into the flesh and cauterize the matrix area by laser photocoagulation.

Properly trimmed toenail

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